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myTrunk for Serviced Apartments Thought Provoking?
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Are business travellers preferring hotels to your serviced apartments because they only need Monday - Thursday nights, yet you only accept weekly bookings? Could myTrunk open a new category of booking for you?
  1. Rent apartment to a business traveller Monday - Thursday
  2. Over weekend storage for them using myTrunk
  3. Rent the apartment to weekend leisure visitors
  4. myTrunk ready for return of your business guest on Monday
We also have a smaller version, click the image below

Charging, say, £10 a weeend storage will be a lot cheaper for the guest than renting an empty apartment for 3 nights.

Apartments available for weekend rental, a whole new leisure market?

Switch business guest from hotels to your apartments

Smaller myTrunk Smaller version of myTrunk

For more information, or to place an order, simply email and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible


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